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Monday, September 19, 2011

My Dad's Visit

We were so glad to have my dad come visit us Labor Day weekend, from Denver. My mom was in Italy and so it was just us and Papa. We had a wonderful, laid back visit. I think my dad really enjoyed watching the kids drive their power wheels, and as always loved snuggle time with Connor.

Both my mom and dad are great gift givers; they have a real knack for picking out gifts that you'll really enjoy and /or really need! My dad sends the kids lots of things via the computer, and below, the kids are enjoying the story "The Three Little Pigs." The cool thing about this website, Zoodles, is that a person can film themselves reading the story, and when the recipient watches it, they see they storybook AND the person reading it to them simultaneously. The kids' favorite part is when the wolf huffs and puffs because my dad acts all out of breath. And at the end, when the wolf burns his bottom in the pot of soup and runs away, saying "Ouch! Ow! Ahh!" the kids squeal with delight at my dad's narration of that part.

Look closely on the computer screen; on the left you'll see the cartoon storybook, and on the right is the box with my dad reading the story.

*You can't tell well here, but Jack is all giggles! Thanks Papa. When the kids are really unruly, I just start playing this video, and they run to the computer and forget whatever they were fighting about! :p

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