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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lucy's Date

Jason and Lucy went out on a little father-daughter date last night, and boy was she excited!

During dinner, Jason was telling her what they were going to go do - feed the ducks at Big Spring Park, and then get ice cream - and she blurted out, "Let's go now!" So, much to her excitement, after we finished dinner they were off. It was so funny to hear Lucy run around the kitchen, shouting, "Date! Date!" of course not having any idea of what a real date is ;-).

When she got home I asked her what her favorite part was. Ice cream came in as her very favorite thing, of course, but her next favorite thing response was hilarious..."Looking at the statues."

My, my...if Daddy can make looking at statues in the park super fun, perhaps he should be the one staying at home with the kids!?! ;-)


  1. Too cute!! I know these will be favorite memories for her. Gavin and I had a "date" on Tuesday as well. We ate at Burger King after his field trip. I like these cheap dates :)!

  2. I asked Lucy the next morning if she had fun with Daddy and she said, "Yes, we went on a DATE!". So proud! :)