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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Borders, Baths, & Beyond

We've been busy around here! Our stacked stone border and new garden/landscape is now finished, and we love it! Huge improvement from the barren, dried-out-and-filled-with-dead plants-garden that we inherited upon moving in. Our original plan was to have a stamped concrete border placed around the garden, but ultimately I decided that I really wanted to mimic the stacked stone front wall and stone base of the columns that line the front porch. It was a more expensive route to take, but I think it was well worth it. One huge problem this house had - and the main reason I think the traffic was low when it was on the market - was the lack of curb appeal. The landscape area is so large and has such a presence because of its size. It really needed some TLC. I love the outcome!

Here's a look at the awful mess we inherited in July when we moved in:

and now... :)

not a great view, but here is a long shot from across the street.

better, up close view.

On the right, you'll see the large wall that comes from the garage that juts out. I had a fun idea to make a trellis out of something unexpected for the carolina jasmine to climb. My friend Molly told me about this awesome "mess of a place" called Habitat ReStore. It's where odds and ends that are left over from a house reno can be donated. The dark brown trellis Jason installed on the wall is actually an old bedframe, headboard and footboard, that had horizontal slats as the design. Perfect! And I love how it matches the front door wood color perfectly! Brings it together nicely!

I loved planting new annuals in a healthy plot of new soil and mulch. Hopefully, this year, I'll actually have annuals that grow for the first time! :)

the stacked stone base of the column is the stone that has always been here. You can see how well the stacked stone wall and colors I picked worked out!

And who doesn't love bathtime!?!

And Connor got to swing in his new swingset!

So grown up this one! Sweetest, most content kid, I tell ya' :)

My kids have a real thing for sticking their tongues out :)

twisting it up and letting it go - she loves that!

oh, the 'tude! love the 'tude! that scowl will pierce my heart someday, I know, but right now, I just love it!

Yes, dad, I see how she's drawn all over her hand. I don't think the ink will soak into her skin and poison her or anything :)

Got the walking toy out for Connor...I don't think it will be long. Jack walked at 9 and a half months...my money is going that this guy may do it even sooner... we shall see :)

TGIF Thank Goodness It's FALL! Love this season!


  1. The mirror above our fireplace I got at the habitat restore last Fall! It went on an old dresser, but was being sold separately thank goodness! Brad and I refinished it to give it a more polished look much like your new curb appeal. nice job!

  2. Pretty sure that your heart isn't the only one Lucy will pierce with that scowl someday, LOL! The house looks great, it must be a relief to have that all done. :)